Our Story

Antoinette Abboud, founder and co-owner of Antoinette’s Cheesecakes in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was born and raised in Halifax.  Growing up as the oldest sibling in a family of 7, Antoinette quickly took on responsibilities both at home and in the family business. While in school, she helped operate her parents cafe, Treats, in Scotia Square Mall. It was during that time, she discovered the love of baking and the creativity that came along with it. 
 Antoinette studied Business Management at Dalhousie University. Subsequently, her education led her to a career in the financial industry. As much as she enjoyed her position, she felt a very strong urge to follow her passion in baking.  Her success from then on has been no coincidence. Her dreams became a reality due to her hard work, dedication and perseverance. Antionette's Cheesecakes are loved by everyone who has tasted them. She is fearless when it comes to creating and incorporating different flavours. Her cheesecakes are found at Pete’s Fine Foods, and Dalhousie University.
Antoinette is known for her positive energy, contagious smile, loving personality and pleasant nature. She is described by many as a charismatic and vibrant individual. Antoinette aspires to earn the title “Queen Of Cheesecakes” which according to many customer testimonials, has already rightfully earned the crown.
Migel Abboud, a natural Entrepreneur, CEO, Co-Owner and Son of Antoinette, Co-owner and founder of Antoinette’s Cheesecakes, was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After studying Business at Saint Mary’s University and having been inspired by his parents, he wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. Through his hard work and dedication, he quickly attained what the true meaning of being a successful business owner is all about. Migel’s passion for what he believed in led him to own and manage numerous businesses and companies of his own, at a very young age.
He has the driven ability to set examples of hard work and dedication for every genre. He has a strong sense of personal responsibility that extends not only to his company, but to his customers as well.